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Breakthrough anti-counterfeiting technology
Award winning Laser Surface Authentication® for covert brand protection and track & trace

Covert security for documents
LSA® provides secure authentication against replication

Versatile authentication for high value products
Ingenia’s patented technology meets the demands of a range of markets

Validation of fine art
Protecting artists, collectors, galleries and distributors with covert, non-destructive authentication


Ingenia's anti-counterfeiting products and solutions are based on a multiple award-winning, proprietary and patented technology called Laser Surface Authentication (LSA®).

Most traditional methods of authentication rely on some manufacturing process which is difficult to reproduce - for instance, watermarks, security printing, colour-shifting inks and holograms. However, whilst these are often very difficult to replicate, experience tells us that for well financed and determined criminals it is not impossible.

To overcome this issue, LSA® works by shining a laser onto the surface of a product and measuring the naturally-occurring microscopic imperfections inherent in any surface to generate a unique digital serial code for each separate item scanned. This code, which can be compared to a fingerprint or DNA sequence for the item, is unique for every product scanned and can be used to unambiguously identify each item individually.

The key advantage is that LSA® is not adding anything to the items being scanned, so ensuring there is nothing that could potentially be replicated. Instead LSA® is simply measuring the naturally occurring imperfections in materials. This makes it possible to identify and authenticate items down to item level (rather than batch level). It also makes it incredibly difficult for counterfeiters to circumvent. In order to overcome LSA® counterfeiters would have to be able to control the microscopic imperfections of a surface, something that not even the genuine manufacturers can do. This makes LSA® a highly secure and reliable anti-counterfeiting measure.

Ingenia's K1050 scanner can be used with most materials, including paper, cardboard, plastics, metals, ceramics and textiles. This newly developed scanner has been specifically designed to have even greater levels of sensitivity and enables a wider variety of products to be registered and authenticated.

By also implementing LSA® field scanners throughout the supply chain the technology can provide a powerful track and trace solution. Manufacturers and distributors are improving efforts to track products and manage their traceability thanks to standardised RF tags. However, these tags, like other codes that are added to enable the individual items to be traced, can be found by criminals and removed despite being hidden. This completely removes the opportunity for tracing and interrogation of the supply chain to find where a breach occurred.

LSA® is a completely covert solution to help to combat the issue of the diversion of goods and increasing accountability in the supply chain.